Want to know who we are and how we got started?

One day our tech geek, Mike was surfing the internet, as usual, and came across something called Geocaching. Being the inquisitive type he immediately did some research on the subject and thought, that sounds like fun.

Wanting to share his new found game with his girlfriend (now wife ), he ran home to tell her about it. We downloaded a Geocaching app on the smart phone and away we went. The very first cache we found was hidden in a tree just about 100 yards outside our backdoor.

Within days we were addicted to Geocaching and spent many hours discovering new places in our community. We bought little trinkets to leave in the caches. We started to notice that many of the items left behind somehow contained the identity of the Geocacher, whether it was a piece of paper stamped with their name,  a picture, or a business card. The problem was that they were always dirty and falling apart. We started thinking about what type of item could withstand the elements but still be cute and functional (you know, leaving your name so everyone knows who you are).

Well, we came up with the idea to make little metal tags in eye-popping colors personalized with the Geocachers Username. What better way to leave your mark?

GeoFleaz Assorted Tags

Then we discovered trackables and thought it would be great fun to attach our name to them. That way when we watched them travel on their individual missions we were going with them. What fun to watch our name being spread world-wide! Hence the name “TravelFleas™”.

After about two years of most folks thinking we were a travel agency or a pest control company we decided it was time for a name change. We wanted Geocachers to know that our cute, little, metal tags were their answer to leaving their mark and to go “Along for the Ride” on a trackable. So our new name became GeoFleaz™. Get it?…Geo for Geocaching and Fleaz because your tag hitches a ride on a trackable like a flea on a dog.

Geocachers liked them so much that many are collecting them and starting their very own Fleaz Circus.

Now a little bit about each of us if you are interested.

Mike is an engineer by trade. Guess who came up with the size of our little GeoFleaz™ tag? He plays the piano, writes music, and loves good food. If you have a technical problem or comment, he’s your guy.

Karen is a trained chef and entrepreneur. Loves to travel, cook, and get involved in social causes. Contact her for information on partnering, events, marketing, or business issues.

Our goal is to make sure our Geocaching customers are completely satisfied with their GeoFleaz™ experience, so if you have any problems, concerns or comments please do not hesitate to contact us at any time at


GeoFleaz™ mission is to enhance the sport of Geocaching.

Our objectives are to:
* Promote the sport of Geocaching and the fun adventures of trackables
* Support affordable family outdoor activities
* Discover new locations within communities
* Raise awareness about the environment
* Share in the voyage of exploration
* and make sure you go…

“Along for the Ride”