Geocaching Easter fun with GeoFleaz™

Geocaching GeoFleaz Easter Basket 2015

Although Easter is a very special day for Christians around the world, the Easter Bunny dates back long before Christianity, to the 13th century BC.

The Bunny was a symbol of the goddess of Spring that symbolized new life and rebirth. Eggs were also considered a symbol of fertility and birth.

The legend of bunnies laying eggs began in the 1500s which enticed people to started making nests, which eventually became baskets, as a place for the bunnies to lay their eggs. The eggs were given as gifts to children, who had been good all year. Eggs were eventually replaced with toys and candy.

Coloring the eggs was said to have been somewhat of an accident. Eggs needed to be preserved so they were cooked. Sometimes flowers and herbs were added to the water when the eggs where boiled. The color from the petal and leaves colored the eggs.

We all know that hunting for Easter eggs is fun, but wouldn’t it be even more fun to hunt for those brightly colored GeoFleaz™ instead? They last forever and are a great collectable item.

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